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Pharmacist Indemnity Insurance

For Individual Pharmacists

As a pharmacist, having a high quality insurance cover for the business is essential. Historically, insurance cover for an individual pharmacist has been provided by the employer. Increasingly however pharmacists are coming to realise, that should there be a claim from a patient. Any ensuing action taken by their employer’s insurance company may well serve their employer’s interests, but may leave them individually exposed.

Why Pharmacists Need Indemnity Insurance Cover?

As many incidents involve more than one member of the healthcare team, a pharmacist’s legal case must be at least as good as that of other healthcare team members potentially involved. There are many additional and more common sources of conflict:

Should there be a need for legal advice or legal representation at an industrial tribunal or regulatory committee or even a compensation payment to a patient, the resultant costs could be well beyond the means of a pharmacist. Without independent insurance protection, the individual interests of an employed pharmacist can often be poorly served.

How we can help!

The Pharmacy Insurance Agency have a wide range of pharmacist insurance policies available, which also includes pharmacy technician insurance.

Each one of our policies are individually tailored to protect pharmacists throughout the UK. We can now offer indemnity insurance to all Pharmacists Working to NHS England clinical and senior clinical pharmacist job descriptions.

So if you would like to know how The Pharmacy Insurance Agency can help you then either check out our range of detailed policies or simply contact us today!