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Professional Indemnity For NHS England GP Practice based Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacists

Professional indemnity insurance is provided by The Pharmacy Insurance Agency and is available to all pharmacists to include those working in NHS England GP practices for the first time and for newly qualified pharmacists also.

This insurance policy has been aimed specifically at pharmacists in general practice. It provides appropriate levels of insurance cover for all the duties and activities to be undertaken, which are outlined within the NHS England Senior Clinical Pharmacist and Clinical Pharmacist job descriptions.

Please note that the following duties are all included within the NHS Senior Clinical Pharmacist job description:

What is Included in the Insurance Cover?

This particular insurance cover is designed to suit those pharmacists working to NHS England Clinical and Senior clinical pharmacist job descriptions. Please see below the details of the Professional Indemnity insurance for Pharmacists:

Types Of Insurance

How we can help?

If you would like to know more about the insurance cover we can offer clinical pharmacists throughout the UK, then please contact us and get a quote today!